Pitigrillipseudonym of Dino Segre (Turin9 may 1893 -d. Dresden, 8 may 1975) was an Italian writer. He also used the pseudonym once MathesisCocaine (1920) is his best known book.

Pitigrillis mother came from a pharmacist's family. His father was an officer in the army. After a law degree was Pitigrilli initially journalist and Editoritself. His best known books he wrote in the years that he worked inParis . He founded the journal Le Grandi Firme on in 1924.

Because of the for that time very explicit scenes about drugs and sex were his books quite controversial found.


The following list is not exhaustive. By Pitigrilli is little in a Dutch translation appeared.

  • Mammiferi di Lusso (1920). Mammals of Lusso.
  • Cocaina (1921). Cocaine.
  • La Vergine a 18 carati (1924). The 18-carat Virgin.
  • L'esperimento di Pott (1929). The experiment of Pott.
  • La piscina di Silou (1948). The pool of Silou.