Prem Radhakishun Shivram Shaw (ParamariboFebruary 4, 1962) is a Dutch columnistlawyeractor and radio and television maker of Surinamese-Hindustani origin.


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Early life and education[Edit]Edit

Radhakishun grew up in Suriname. He fled the country after his mother's radio station Radika Dories Radhakishun was fired on december 8, 1982. This happened at the time of the reign of Desi Bouterse because of critical coverage of the Government by the radio station. Radhakishun fled through French Guiana to Netherlands, where he requested political asylum in January 1983. Still, he is very angry with the initiators of the independence of Suriname, Jan PronkHenck ArronEddy Bruma and Joop den Uyl. He calls the independence the "demise of Suriname".

All young put the media at his first paces in Radhakishun Radika with music choice, children's programs, teen programs, advertising and journalism. In Netherlands he worked in 1983 and 1984 for the radio pirate Kankantrie in Amsterdam. In 1984 he obtained a law degree from the Free University in Amsterdam and stops at Kankantrie.He studied law in 1989 and was sworn in as a lawyer in Amsterdam in August 1990 at the law Kollektief bijlmermeer. In november 1984, he came into contact with theMigrants Television Amsterdam, where he followed Migrants Media training (MMO). Made from 1985 to 1994 and hosted various programs for the Migrants Tv Amsterdam.

In 2006, he was suspended for a year as a lawyer for not fulfilling his administrative and financial obligations.

Television and radio work[Edit]Edit

In 1998 wrote his first three columns, R for Aron Samachaar, a quarterly magazine that was only short-lived, of the French Cultural Center Rush in the bijlmermeer. From september 1999 he writes every 14 days a column for the daily newspaper Het Parool. In mid-2001 he started in addition with his weekly column for the program under the spell of the week on BNR news radio.

He is best known to the general public by presenting the NPSPremtimetelevision program, which ran from 2003 to 2008. The program allowed for "an informative television program about the multicultural society in which tested the quality of our society". Radhakishun was it known for its unconventional approach. So he shaved his head bald and he drew ever Lonsdaleclothing to see if he-as a public house in Hindustani Surinamer -might come where a ban on such clothing gold. Later Prem in his PEP TALK on BNR news radio program that he had already shaved his head without this purpose. Later it should prove useful for the broadcast. In a broadcast of PEP talk in July 2009, R noticed that he kaalscheert his head from time to time and that this is not per se was able to enter the public house. The broadcast was about conspiracy theories and how false information in the media can put us on the wrong track.

R his Premtime program, among other things, attention to the multicultural society. This came with him a few times on collisions especially Moroccan youth to stand. [1on november 19, 2008 placed Sp! ts a letter of Prem Radhakishun and Mohammed R J, in which she calls young people of Moroccan origin to keep the law and they ask the Dutch society and especially the Moroccan part of that society to intervene and put an end to the maladjusted, threatening and intimidating behaviour of a part of the Moroccan youth. The behaviour of these young people would have a negative look maladjusted Group on the whole Moroccan community. [2]

From april 2009 to september 2010 presented the opinion program R PEP talk by BNR Nieuwsradio. He was also the presenter of the television program the rematch, in which young people who are struggling at home and/or at school a second chance. Since september 2010, R at the public broadcasting every weekday from 10: 30 to 11: 00 on Radio 1 Premtimethe program. The program stopped In June 2012, after pausing the program no longer wanted to let R by the news. Coordinator Laurens Chest goes with R still see if there is a solution to the conflict raised. Radhakishuns contract runs until september 2012 and probably he remains active anyway for NTR TV. [3]

Did R In 2013 to the smartest man in the world.

Incident at the world keeps turning[Edit]Edit

At the world runs By the VARA he was settled as ' table '. In november 2010, this cooperation was broken after R in a broadcast Jean-Pierre G, a reviewer of the Volkskrant, paedophilia seemed to blame. [4[5In an essay that was published a week and a half later on no style defended itself by stating that he never explicitly Radhakishun on paedophilia had spoken. With his statements, he would have wanted to show the unreliability of the media. [6The pronunciations of R in the repetition of the program were censored.

In later seasons, he returned to de Wereld Draait Door, eventually even if table.


  • 2005- B -The Cock and the murder on the Centre spot (Sjaak Solomon)
  • 2006-2007- Van Speijk -Counsel/lawyer
  • 2007- Glee -a false note (Pillay)
  • 2008- Vox Populi

Private Life[Edit]Edit

Prem Radhakishun is married and has three children. He lives in Amsterdam and is the father-in-law of judoka Dex Elmont.

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