Ralph Nicholas Chubb (February 8, 1892 – January 14, 1960) was a British poet, writer and artist.

Ralph Chubb was born in Harpenden, United Kingdom, but grew up in St. Albans. During the first world war , he served in the English army. In 1918 he returned injured to theAcademy of Arts in London to follow. There he met early 20 's artists as Leon Underwood. For the magazine by Underwood wrote Chubb poems and articles, and in that period he also made paintings. Because his paintings sold poorly but its got some attention, written work went more focus on writing books Chubb.

Mid-1950s his health declined. Chubb stopped writing and began his first poems and memories of his youth to gather and to give out. Chubb died in Hampshire in early 1960.