Ray Yoshida ( Kapaa , October 3 1930 - Kauai , January 17 2009 ) was an American artist. Yoshida was known for its mysterious, semi-abstract paintings and collages. He taught at the renowned "Art Institute" of over four decades,Chicago and influenced many generations of prominent artists. He was from Hawaii and died there in early 2009 to cancer . His father was a Japanese immigrant.

He was one of the most admired members of the so-called "Imagist" Chicago or "Chicago School". In contrast to the art world of New York City , which in the second half of the 20th century mainly had to have the abstract, theconceptualism and cool forms of pop art , the art scene of Chicago was focused on surrealism , fantasy and humor. Yoshida's first major works were collages consisting of small images and share images from comics in grid form were arranged on sheets of paper. In the 1970s, Yoshida was more painting, but he returned in the 90 back to collages of comic images. In his paintings Yoshida created enigmatic, cartoon-like images of stylized figures in rooms, stairs and landscapes.

His work is including in the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago, the Art Institute of Chicago , the National Museum of American Art , Smithsonian Institution and the Everson Museum .