Roberto "Robbie" V. Puno (27 March 1962) is a Filipino politician.


Roberto Puno was born on March 27, 1962. He was the eleventh of twelve children of former Minister of Justice, judge and member of Parliament Ricardo c. Puno and Priscilla Villanueva. Two of his older brothers are television presenter Ricardo Puno Jr. and Interior Minister Ronaldo Puno. Roberto Puno studied at the Ateneo de Manila University where he is a bachelor of Artsin 1984-graduated. He studied in the United States. In 1987 he completed a masterdegree in business administration from Georgetown University in Washington D.C.. He then worked for five years in the us yet he Puno returned to the Philippines.

After graduating was Puno employed in the Filipino business. In addition, he was active as a columnist, radio and television presenter and sports commentator. Puno was also campaign manager of election campaigns of his brother Ricardo Puno jr. and Boots Anson-Roahis mother-in-law. At the elections of 2007 was Puno itself on behalf of the 1st constituency of antipolo City elected to the House of representatives.That seat was vacant since his brother Ronaldo Puno in 2006 was appointed Minister of the Interior in the Cabinet of Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo. At the elections of 2010 and 2013 Puno was re-elected. He was elected in his last term (one of six) Vice-Presidents (Deputy Speakers) of the 16th Congress.

Puno is married to Maria Christina "Chiqui" Roa and got with her three children

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