Saadoun Hammadi ( Arabic : سعدون حمادي) ( Karbala , June 22 1930 - Germany , March 14 2007 ) was an Iraqi politician and diplomat .

Hammadi belonged to the Shiite direction within Islam . Mid- forties , he became a member of the pan-Arab Ba'ath Party . Along with Fouad ar-Rikabi he founded in 1952 the Iraqi branch of this international political party on. He then studied in Lebanon and then in the United States in 1956, where he obtained his doctorate in economics at the University of Wisconsin .

Hammadi that a liberal economic vision afforded, was after returning to their own country from 1957 to 1961 professor in economics and then from 1961 to 1962 in the Libyan capital Tripoli deputy bank manager . In 1963 he took his first steps in politics by the Minister to be. of Land Reform After the Ba'ath Party was robbed late 1963 in Iraq of power Hammadi went into exile in Syria, where the Baath party have had a controlling influence is still there and held various political positions such as that of adviser to the Syrian president and co-deputy in the Syrian economic delegation at the United Nations .

In 1968 he returned to Iraq and was Minister of Oil Affairs . In that capacity, he was responsible for the nationalization of the Iraqi Oil Company. From 1974 to 1983 he was Minister of Foreign Affairs and as such engaged in peace with Iranin 1975. In 1983 he was relieved by Tariq Aziz and he held until 1990 the then little presenting function of speaker of parliament . Interim in 1986 he was also included in the Revolutionary Command Council .

At the time of the crisis and the war over Kuwait (1990-1991), he was special envoy of President- dictator Saddam Hussein . Then he was prime minister from March to September 1991, as the successor of Hussein who had previously combined the two offices, but who wanted to do politics differently preparation following the failure of the lost Koeweitoorlog and therefore repelled the premiership. Because Hammadi as newly minted prime minister was expressed to be for (democratic) reforms, he was soon by Hussein put aside and relegated to his advisor. However Hammadi made ​​a comeback in 1996 by the parliamentary elections Hussein's eldest son Oedai Hussein's defeat and additionally re-parliamentary speaker to be, this office he held until the fall of the Hussein regime in 2003 .

The then fleeing Hammadi was beaten in May 2003 by the multinational forces in Iraq arrested (the Americans and their allies) and then was stuck for nine months. After his release in February 2004, he left for medical treatment ofleukemia in Jordan , Lebanon and Germany . Early in 2005 he settled in Qatar . Saadoun Hammadi died at age 76 in a German hospital from the effects of previously mentioned disease.

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