Sander Simons (The Hague5 april 1962 – Amsterdam5 January 2010) was a Dutch communications consultant, publicist, journalist and newsreader.

Life Course[Edit]Edit

After he had followed to the gymnasium to the Gymnasium Celeanum Zwolle, studied Safi from 1980 three years political science at the University of Amsterdam. He was announcer at the KRO and was also the radio news service news reader at some time of the ANP. In 1989 made Safi switched to the RTL News, where he was a reporter and presenter until 1 August 1999. He was public relations officer. In 2006 Simons was for lighter in the new political party one NL. As a candidate in elections to the House of representatives in the same year he stood on place six of the list of candidates of that party. One NL knew no seat.

In February 2008 was at Simons, although he is not smoked, lung cancer has been identified. It seemed initially to an incurable type of to go but after a hard and aggressive treatment it looked a year later for Safi rosier. Had to control the following years show if he finally was healed. [1[2In 2009 he was presenter of the program a few weeks PEP talk by BNR Nieuwsradio. In addition, he was for some time "speech maker" on the transmitter the conversation. In november 2009 it was announced that the disease was progressive. [3on his explicit request by the GP euthanasia was applied on 5 January 2010 at 20: 00. Safi was 47 years. He died in front of his girlfriend and his parents. [4Safi was buried on cemetery Zorgvlied. [5]