Scott Sterling (March 2, 1962 – August 27, 1987), better known by his stage name Scott La Rock, was the original dj for the hip hop group Boogie Down Productions(BDP). Sterling, a social worker, met KRS-One in 1986 in a homeless shelters where KRS was staying. In Sterlings free time he performed as a DJ in local venues.

Along with the MC's KRS-One and D-Nice, he was a member of the Boogie Down Productions crew. Their debut album, Criminal Minded, was an immediate success and is seen as a classic and masterpiece of this genre.

La Rock is shot dead in 1987 while he was trying to appease a quarrel with his BDP colleague D-Nice was involved. Although this could mean the end of BDP, the Group continued without him. KRS is an artist who frequently challenged aggression in deprived areas (for example, Stop the Violence on BDP's album By All Means Necessary).