(Richard) Stafford Cripps (London24 april 1889 - Zurich21 april 1952) was an English politician, Member of the Labour Party. His Mother Theresa Cripps was the sister of Beatrice Webbthe socialiste. Cripps studied chemistry and law. During the first world war was Cripps a fierce pacifist and worked for the Red Cross at the front. After the war he was a lawyer.

In 1931 was Cripps, a Christian socialist, for the Labour Party in the British House of Commons and was chosen as Solicitor General in the Government of Ramsay MacDonald included. Already a year later he stepped out of the Government because MacDonald had formed a national Government with the Liberals and conservatives. During the 1930s, he was a popular front with the Communists to fight the fascism . He became one of the most important left most British politicians. In 1933 , he founded the Socialist League on within the Labour Party and in 1936 he founded with some comrades the ultra left-wing weekly newspaper The Tribune. In 1937 the Socialist League was dissolved by the party Board.

After the outbreak of the Second World War strove Cripps again in vain for a popular front with the Communists. In 1939 he was out of the Labour Party because of his left-wing views. He gave lawyers in 1940 his (lucrative) practice on because Sir Winston Churchill deemed him the right man to send as Ambassador to Moscow . In 1942 he returned to England and then for a new mission to India to convince the nationalists to leave there by cooperation with the British authorities until after the war, but failed.

From 1942 to 1945 was Cripps Minister of aircraft production in the war cabinet. In 1945 , he wrote the book Towards a Christian Democracy. After the elections of 1945 was readmitted to the Labour Party and Cripps became Minister of trade in the Government of Clement Attlee. In 1947 he became Chancellor of the Treasury (= Minister of Finance) (until 1950). In 1950 , he performed as a Minister because of his poor health and was elected Chairman of the Fabian Society, which he remained until his death in 1952 .

Cripps accepted the Marxist society analysis, but was not a ' whole marxist '. In a survey in 1941 under British newspaper readers after he was elected Prime Minister Anthony Eden best alternative if Churchill not that Office.