Stephen Robert Irwin (Steve) (EssendonMelbourne1962 – 22 February off the coast of Port Douglasseptember 4, 2006) was an Australian animal expert, Zoo holder, conservationist, documentary filmmaker and presenter.


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Irwin was the son of Bob Irwin, a herpetologist (reptiles expert), and Lyn Irwin, who died in 2000 as a result of a car accident. Steve still had two sisters: Joy and Mandy. Joy is the oldest and Mandy is the youngest. Irwin is best known for his spectacular and enthusiastic television program presented by him "The Crocodile Hunter" (translation: the Crocodile Hunter). Irwin was owner of the Australian Zoo Australia Zoo in Beerwah, originally a reptile park, founded in 1970 by his father Bob, and taken over in 1992 by him. He ran this park along with his friend Wes Mannion, who has been at the age of 14 in the park was come to work, and his wife Terri.

TV shows & movies[Edit]Edit

A year later came the first episode of his television program "The Crocodile Hunter" that was broadcast in 137 countries in subsequent years. With more than 500 million people saw this series. In the movie "Dr. Doolittle 2", he played a supporting role in addition to the well-known American actor Eddie Murphy. He also played a starring role in the film "The Crocodile Hunter: Collision Course". This film won the "Best Family Feature Film Award for a comedy film at the awards ceremony of the Young Artist Award. He knew big successes in popularity in different countries because of his bold way of ' hunting ' on reptiles. His Australian accent and his enthusiastic and energetic way of telling contributed to this. There were also several parodies made on his program including "The Bumhunter" in the Bumfights series.

Fame in Belgium and Netherlands[Edit]Edit

In Belgium and Netherlands was/is "The Crocodile Hunter" seen on the Discovery Channel and later also television channels on Animal Planet. Characteristic for this program was the seemingly reckless way in which Irwin the wildest and most dangerous animals met. He also made a film which was screened in Dutch cinema .

Beginning 21st century he worked on an advertising campaign of a telecom-shop chain whereby he also in this way on television and appeared in magazines and newspapers.


Irwin married Terri Raines from in 1992 with Eugene (OregonUnited States). They had two children, Bindi Sue (24 July 1998) and Robert Clarence (1 december 2003).

Irwin in trouble because he came during one of his shows at the Zoo conducted a crocodile while holding his one month old son Robert. This event was shown extensively by the media. Later he is excused that he had made people concerned.

Life's Work[Edit]Edit

In Australia he was sometimes portrayed as an over-enthusiastic crazy. Irwin said he very well knew what he was doing because he had grown up with crocodiles and worked intensively on a daily basis. So his father had given him a python when he was only six years old. In 1970 the then eight-year-old Irwin moved with his parents (Bob and Lynn Irwin) to the northeastern State of Queensland. A year later he learned for the first time with crocodiles dealing. Irwin was known time and again adventures which carried risks and his life path was dotted with small accidents.

[1][2]Steve Irwin in the Australia Zoo.==Conservationist[Edit]==

Irwin also put in for the protection of nature. He wanted to not do it by ' sermons ' but by means of showing a great personal involvement in his documentaries. He bought with all the money he earned in Australia, the United States and on the islands of Fiji and Vanuatu tracts of land that he gave the destination of a kind of natural park. He himself lived with his family still in the same house where he lived with his parents already.


Irwin got an award In 2001 (Centenary Medal) for his "proven services for general nature conservation and promotion of the Australian tourism". In 2004 he was "best tourism expert" of that year. He was nominated for "best Australian" of the same year. This award was awarded to Steve Waugh.


On Monday september 4, 2006 at 11: 00 am Australian time Steve Irwin died at the age of 44. Initially he wanted to make recordings for the underwater documentary "The Oceans Deadliest". There it was to bad weather, he decided what underwater recordings of stingrays (Dasyatis brevicaudata) for the television show of his daughter Bindi at the great barrier reef in Queensland. He was stung by a poisonous Stingray in thechest region which was hit directly the heart possible. Medical aid came too late and CPR to no avail; Irwin died shortly thereafter. He was with a helicopter transported to a hospital in Cairns where only death could be found.

According to John Stainton, Irwin's manager that the on board "Crocs One" was above the stingray, snorkeled for a Irwin. To expert statement would be the rog to aggression are passed because he felt himself stalked by Irwin and the cameraman swam behind/above him who swam for him right. The rog swam a different direction on but noticed this and gave Irwin behind the fateful shot. It is unclear what the immediate cause of death was, he could be bled to death because he removed the arrow of the rog or by an acute cardiac arrest as a result of the sting. According to the cameraman, he left in terms of counting to see life and there was a lot of blood. [1The recordings of the fateful accident by cameraman Ben Cropp were made have been examined and released by the Australian police, here is also the opinion of experts in based. At the request of Stainton and the family of Irwin the images will not be broadcast. On January 4, 2007 was finally known that the images never will be released. Police have handed over the videotape after the examination to the wife of Irwin, and all copies destroyed. According to various sources, some websites have more than a million dollars for the shots. The people who were with him at the time said afterwards that it's a very unhappy and rare case was and that there is not a fatal case spoken would be affected if he was anywhere else in the body.

His wife Terri was at the time of the accident on hike in the Cradle Mountain-Lake St Clair National park on Tasmania. They could only a day later of the death of her husband be notified. Subsequently she returned with her two children back with their own private airplane.

The premier of Queensland, wanted a State funeral for Irwin, if the family had agreed with this. According to his father Bob would Steve likes to be treated as an ordinary citizen. Therefore, the funeral took place in private, with only family and friends, on Saturday 9 september 2006. On Wednesday 20 september 2006 there was a large commemoration of him place for his fans at the Australia Zoo Crocoseum at the Zoo. The premier still wants to build a monument for Irwin. The tv channel Animal Planet has one of its gardens named after him.

On the beaches of the State of Queensland since Irwins death a number of dead and mutilated stingrays were found. People have this supposedly done in revenge for the death of Irwin; This is totally contrary to the belief of Irwin in, he dedicated his entire life to animal protection and nature conservation.


  • Sea Shepherd has Irwin as a tribute to the work of one of its ships named after him, the MS Steve Irwin.
  • Jamie Oliver has his cookbook ' Jamie at Home ' (at home with Jamie) dedicated to Irwin.