Teunis (Teun) Jumped (Rotterdam16 February 1889 – died January 21, 1971) was a Dutch athlete, who competed mainly in the long distance. He was twice champion Netherlands on the 25 km, competed in the Olympic Games and also improved the Netherlands record on the 25 km and the marathon.


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Jump made his Olympic debut In 1924 at the Olympic Games in Paris. In the marathon he had to however after about 31 km because of a foot injury specify[1. Also his compatriot Bertus Banda stepped after this distance from the contest. Four years later, he along with five other Dutch people again in the Olympic marathon at theOlympic Games in Amsterdam. Also here he had to abandon the race before the finish. Fastest Dutchman Henri Landheer, which at the time was with 2: 51.59 a thirtieth place.

On the 20 km ran lead in 1923 a Netherlands record of 1: 12.18, 4. This record held eleven years. In the marathon, he was the first Dutchman who in 1927 with 2: 54.07 woven realized a time within 3 hours. His time was only in 1934 to 2: 53.26 improved by Henri Landlord. [2]

Teun Jump died at the age of 81 in Rotterdam.

Dutch Championships[Edit]Edit

Part Year
25 km 1924, 1925

Personal bests[Edit]Edit

Part Performance Date Place
20 km 1: 12.18, 4 (ex-NR) 3 June 1923 Zeist
marathon 2: 54.07 woven (ex-NR) 24 april 1927 Amsterdam


25 km[Edit]Edit

  • 1924: [1]NK-1: 33.01
  • 1925: [2]NK-1: 31.17


  • 1924: DNF OS
  • 1927: [3]Amsterdam marathon-2: 54.07 woven
  • 1928: DNF OS