Jiles Perry ( "JP" or "Jape" ) Richardson Jr.. (better known by his stage name The Big Bopper ) ( Sabine Pass ( Texas ), October 24th 1930 - at Clear Lake ( Iowa ), February 3 1959 was an American singer and DJ .

He was born in Sabine Pass, a village in Texas . During law school, he worked part time at the radio station KTRM radio . After his military service, he joined full time. Since the bop mid 50s was a popular dance, he chose as hispseudonym The Big Bopper.

As a DJ, he became known in 1957 , when he moved to broadcast five days, two hours and eight minutes. a world non-stop During that time he played in 1821 records and he fell 16 pounds.

Richardson, a good guitar player , then composed a number of known songs. Famous songs were his "White Lightning", "Running Bear" (in the Netherlands has successfully been covered by the Cocktail Trio ) and especially "Chantilly Lace", which in his own performance in the United States became a number one hit.

[1][2]Monument to Holly, Valens and Richardson in Iowa

The success of the last song The Big Bopper went longer occur. In the winter of 1959 along with other artists, he was Buddy Holly and Ritchie Valens , a tour, The Winter Dance Party . Buddy Holly had chartered a plane for him and his band to the next gig, but The Big Bopper was cold and wanted to make an appointment with the doctor, and asked Waylon Jennings (bassist Buddy Holly) if he wanted to trade places with him. He did this so. Valens even tosste a member of Holly's band "The Crickets" the last place in the unit, and "won" the toss.

On the night of February 3, 1959 the aircraft was in a snow storm and crashed. Richardson came at the age of 28, to life. Also Holly, Valens and the pilot of the unit lost their lives. This day lives in American pop history continues as " The Day the Music Died . "

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