Thijs Chanowski ( Hamburg , June 18 1930 ) is a Dutch television producer , entrepreneur and researcher.

Chanowski began his career in the (jazz) music and painting. He was the producer of the first ten episodes of the children's program " The Fable ". This he acquired the nickname Thijs "Mr. Owl" Chanowski. Later he also produced 250 episodes of " Paul Boskabouter "and other television series and movies. For one of those films (Camping) he won the prestigious Prix d'Italia.

He also worked from 1972 as a consultant for Philips to develop the world's first interactive laser disc .

After winning several awards for film and television productions, where new technologies were applied Chanowski decided to fully focus on the development of interactive environments, where he has since made a significant contribution in search processing technologies, design tools, multimedia database systems, and also advanced simulation technology for the European Space Programme.

Chanowski founded in 1990 a multimedia lab, which focuses on "knowledge mining" . This company develops include the Aquabrowser , an "intuitive" search engine that works with word association instead of word matches. Chanowski remained director when the company through software BSO was taken as "BSO Media Lab." Later he bought the company back ( management buyout ).

Since 1995 is particularly Chanowski professor Multimedia Interaction at the University of Amsterdam .

Since 2005 Thijs Chanowski working on a project in third world countries to learn without having to use their own language. Young children one language (English)

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