Etienne Louis Thomas Waller (ParamariboJuly 24, 1883 – 26 June 1966) was an American planter and politician.

He spent his childhood in the Saramacca district and later in Paramaribo. To be trained to planter, he joined the Culture Garden. Waller has worked on several plantations. In 1909 he was commander on the plantation where Geyersvlijt when mainly cocoa was produced. Later, he became Director of the Berlinplantation. In 1919 were founded the Algemeene Planters Association of which he was the President from the start but in 1921 he gave the Presidents function back on. Later he would take ownership of the plantation Manager and then Guadeloupe.

In addition to planter was Waller both from 1919 to 1926 and from 1945 to 1948 member of the States of Suriname and in addition he sometimes wrote pieces in the daily newspaper Suriname and The Westlater. In april 1948 the Board of Suriname was reviewed with the establishment of the College of assistance with Waller as lands minister of agriculture. In connection with a new Constitution was that college on 25 June 1948 renamed to the College of General Board (CAB). After the first general elections of May 1949, he was succeeded there by the NPSWalther Hewitt.

End 1965 came the booklet Surinamese memories of Thomas farmer from mainly consisted of a compilation of previously published newspapers from him pieces. Half a year later he died at the age of 82.

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W.E. Hewitt