Timon Jacobs ( Utrecht , January 1 1973 ) is a Dutch DJ and entrepreneur.

Biography edit ]Edit

Timon began his career as a DJ at school parties and later in big clubs. He worked with event organizers, where he later became manager. In 1999 he joined Radio Northsea right. At this station, he made ​​several radio programs, including80's flashback , with the North Sea through the day and Adventure . From February 2003 to July 2005 he was sidekick Gordon , the morning show Good Morning Gordon presented.

With the acquisition by the Vlaamse Media Maatschappij Sea FM changed to Q-music . At the beginning he had his own program in the evening from 19:00 to 21:00. After this he moved to the weekend. Until 1 May 2011, he was told at the weekend from 15:00 to 18:00. After that, he has been heard several times. Raid as DJ Since 2012, he has not heard because he was concentrating on his own company. More Q-music This company organizes festivals which run under more DJs Q-music, including himself, music. He is also a personal coach.