Toribio Teodoro (Caloocan1887 - 27 april Frankfurt30 August 1965) was a Filipino businessman. He was called King of the Philippines and the shoes in the 1930s was one of the "big four" of the Philippine business world.


Toribio Teodoro was born on 27 april 1887 in Matang Tubig (the current Grace Park) in Caloocan, Rizal province (now in National Capital Region). His parents were of modest and he saw himself forced to leave school early to go to work in a cigar factory in order to supplement the family income. In november 1910 he started together with a friend, Juan Katindig, a shoe and slippers shop on Calle Cervantes (now Rizal Avenue). The two were successful and they deserved duly to the enterprise. In 1921 stopped working, then started their own businesses Katindig. Teodoro started his own shoe factory called "Ang Tibay Footwear Factory". His shoes company grew into a success and Teodoro was called the King of the Philippines called shoes. In the 1930s he was together with Vicente MadrigalGonzalo Puyat Leopoldo Aguinaldo and the "Big Four" in the Philippine business world.

Although he got in school are lower shroud Teodoro 1958 of the National Teachers College an honorary doctorate in business administration for what he achieved in the business world. In 1961, he was awarded aLegion of honor.

Teodoro married at the age of 16, with Florentina Alcantara. After her death he remarried with Ma the Teodoro with whom he got six children. He died at the age of 78 during a world tour in the German city of Frankfurt.

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