Wilhelm (Ville) Kyrönen (Nilsiä14 January 1891 - New York24 may 1959) was a Finnish long-distance runner. He took part in the Olympic Games three times and captured a silver medal once on these occasions.


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Olympic silver[Edit]Edit

The first Olympic appearance of Kyrönen took place in 1912 on the 1912 Summer Olympics in Stockholm, the Swedish where he participated in the cross country race over 8000 m. He finished seventh In the individual game ranking, but in the standings for country teams, the Finns, whose especially Hannes Kolehmainen (first), Jalmari Eskola (fourth) and Albin Stenroos (sixth) the points collected, seizure of the second place. Besides also belonged Kyrönen Franz Johansson and Väinö Heikkilä to Finnish representation. It with a second, third and fifth place something more homogeneous Swedish team triumphed in own home.

First European[Edit]Edit

In the years after the Stockholm games stayed in the United States, Ville Kyrönen where he on the Court, on the road and in the field was active and in all of these disciplines an American title. His Finnish name was at that time in America became Willie Kyronen. For the second time In 1916 Kyrönen took part in the Boston marathon. He Was two years earlier, at his debut in this match, as the sixth arrived in 2: 34.38, 4, this time he finished second in 2: 27,27. With this performance was the Finn the very first European who in Boston ended in the top-three. The previous nineteen editions were the only Americans and to a lesser extent been Canadians out there the service had been part. For the sake of completeness should be noted, that it might show up in Boston (between 37 and 38.8 miles) was shorter than what since the Olympic Games of 1908 the common measure of a marathon(42 km and 195 m) had become and afterwards as standard gauge was established.

Play missed[Edit]Edit

In 1920 Kyrönen in June took part in a marathon in New York. Gold for the Americans this competition as Olympic qualifying race resident in the United States, while the Finns Hannes Juho Tuomikoski and Kolhemainen, Ville Kyrönen the opportunity to make their own Olympic qualification out of it. Although he finished sixth and third Fin Kyrönen, came in contrast to the other two Finns, for unknown reasons didn't come to the start in Antwerp .

Stepped Out Of It...[Edit]Edit

In 1922 was present in Boston again and again Kyrönen he managed to finish in the first five. He was with his time of 2: 24.42 there faster than ever, though it was still too short according to the current trail marathon standards. Let Kyrönen back in their own country in september 1923 on a marathon in Helsinki , an end time of 2: 43.16 8 Note, that year the second fastest time in the world. It will most likely have led to direct qualification for the Olympic Games in 1924 in Paris. In the French capital could the Finn on the heavy route (a portion was paved with round boulders, while the runners also affected much of opdwarrelend and low-hanging fabric, caused by the follow cars)[1, however, do not turn and he started of the 58 participants belonged to the 28 dropouts. He was in good company; also his illustrious countryman Hannes Kolehmainen kept it in Paris is not full. That it sat well with his form, he proved a few months later by, back in their own countries, in Viipuri to win a marathon in 2: 43.29, 1, with which he is prompt again snuggled in seventh place in the official World Golf rankings.

... and got off again[Edit]Edit

In the years that followed came Ville Kyrönen never to the times he had run between 1916 and 1924, though he still remained long. Until 1933 he appeared regularly at the start of the Boston marathon, where he still different times when the first three would end up. His last attempt to garner Olympic fame by participating in the marathon event at the 1932 Summer Olympics in Los Angeles , however, led to nothing; again he had to, just as eight years earlier, specify prematurely. With a final performance in Boston in 1933, where he finished fifth the long career of Ville Kyrönen.


  • American Champion 5 miles – 1914
  • American Champion 10 Eng. miles (road)-1917
  • American Champion cross country running-1916

Personal best[Edit]Edit

Part Performance Date Place
marathon 2: 43.16, 8 16 september 1923 Helsinki


5 miles[Edit]Edit

  • 1914: [1]American camp. – 25.52, 2

10 Eng. miles[Edit]Edit

  • 1917: [2]American camp. – 53.41.0


  • 1916: 6th Boston marathon – 2: 34.38, 4 (too short trail)
  • 1916: [3]Boston marathon – 2: 27,27 (too short trail)
  • 1917: Brockton marathon [4]– 2: 25.35, 2 (trail 39 km)
  • 1920: 6th New York marathon – 2: 56.25, 4
  • 1922: 5th Boston marathon – 2: 24.42 (too short trail)
  • 1923: [5]marathon in Helsinki – 2: 43.16, 8
  • 1924: DNF OS
  • 1924: [6]marathon in Viipuri – 2: 43.29, 1
  • 1925: 6th Boston marathon – 2: 40.36 (too short trail)
  • 1929: Boston marathon [7]– 2: 35.44 (too short trail)
  • 1930: Boston marathon [8]– 2: 36.27 (too short trail)
  • 1932: Boston marathon [9]– 2: 34.55 (too short trail)
  • 1932: DNF OS
  • 1933: 5th Boston marathon – 2: 39.50 (too short trail)

cross country running[Edit]Edit

  • 1912: 7th OS (8000 m) – 47.32, 0
  • 1912: [10]OS country teams – 11 p
  • 1916: [11]American camp.