Virgil Spier ( Amsterdam , 8 January 1981 ) is a Dutch athlete , who initially specialized in the heptathlon , but focuses exclusively in recent years in the sprint and hurdles . He wrote during his junior time three national youth titles to his name, but the Dutch senior championships were wins so far off. Although he was close many times. So he captured the NK indoorfrom 2001 on both the 60m and the 60m hurdles many silver and bronze medals .


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Biography edit ]Edit

Started as a decathlete edit ]Edit

If D-Muscle junior was a member of the Hague athletics club Sparta . Here he showed his talent, but did not equal performance. So he is not on the all-time lists in boys D, C and B. In 2000 he qualified as an A junior at the NK-around for seniors by a fifth in the decathlon with a total of 7164 points for the Junior World Championships in Santiago . There he started very well to his decathlon with 10.54 s in the 100 m , the fourth Dutch junior time ever. Then, however, he had a hamstring injury give up the fight. [1] He was represented in the Netherlands in 2001 decathlon at the European Championships under 23 , that year were held in the Olympic Stadium in Amsterdam . Again he had to contend with an injury but was despite still ninth.

Switch to sprint and hurdles edit ]Edit

In 2002 Virgil Spier was the NK indoor as well as second at 60 m and fourth in the 60m hurdles in the previous year, after which he that year on the European indoor in Vienna also came to these parts in action. On both counts, he was killed in the preliminaries with respectively 6.73 to 7.89 s.

As a reserve for the Olympics Edit ]Edit

The Dutch relay team in the 4 x 100 m relay in 2008 focused on conquering a ticket for the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing . However, times of 38.92 and 39.03 gave the world a seventeenth place, while the IOC standard was the first sixteen invitation to accommodate the Games could see. However, the Netherlands fully benefited from the elimination of the classified at the first sixteen Australia , which logged off for the Games. This was still a ticket to the games won. Muscle was, like Gregory Sedoc , who also participated in the 110 m hurdles , aired as a reserve runner. The four base runners of the team were Maarten Heisen , Guus Pride , Patrick Luijk and Caimin Douglas .  's team went to Beijing with the aim of the Dutch record of improving since August 30, 2003 stood at 38.63, run by the team at the world championships in Paris, captured the bronze medal. Far did not happen. The Dutch team had in his series play against strong teams like that of the United States , Trinidad & Tobago , Japan and Poland . Surprisingly, the Dutch survived this battle and were 38.87, the fastest time of the year, even third. A day later, in the final, whichJamaica with a new world record of 37.10 came out on top, all the euphoria an end, because the interactions between Guus Pride and Patrick Luijk failed. Given the history was the pick of the final itself, however, already exceeded expectations. Virgil Spier did not take action in Beijing.

Muscle is now a member of athletics AAC and lives in Amsterdam.

Personal records Edit ]Edit

Part Performance Date Place
100 m 10.48 s May 19, 2001 Horn
200 m 21.17 s August 30, 2001 Peking
110m Hurdles 13,79 s July 18, 2003 Bydgoszcz
skip 5.87 m October 18, 2000 Santiago
shot-put 12,46 m October 18, 2000 Santiago
decathlon 7469 p 13 July 2001 Amsterdam
Part Performance Date Place
50 m 5.87 s January 25, 2003 Zuidbroek
60 m 6,70 s February 17, 2002 Gander
50 m hurdles 6,77 s January 24, 2004 Zuidbroek
60m hurdles 7.76 s February 16, 2002 Gander
heptathlon 5459 p January 28, 2001 Prague

Performance Development edit ]Edit

Year Time (60m hurdles)
2002 7.76
2003 7.80
2004 7.81
2005 7.79
2006 7.83
2007 7.89

Honours edit ]Edit

60 m edit ]Edit

  • 2001: NK indoor - 6.78 s[1]
  • 2002: [2]NK indoor - 6.73 s
  • 2002: DNS ½ fin. EC indoor (4th in the series with 6.73 s)
  • 2003: NK indoor - 6.74 s[3]
  • 2013: 4th NK indoor - 7.04 s

100 m edit ]Edit

150 m edit ]Edit

  • 2012: 10th Ter Specke Bokaal Lisse - 16.38 s

200 m edit ]Edit

  • 2012: 8th Golden Spike - 21,79 s

300 m edit ]Edit

  • 2012: 7th Ter Specke Trophy - 35,06 s

60m hurdles edit ]Edit

  • 2002: 6th in series EK indoor - 7.89 s
  • 2003: [6]NK indoor - 7.80 s
  • 2005: [7]NK indoor - 7.80 s
  • 2006: [8]NK indoor - 7.83 s
  • 2007: [9]NK indoor - 7.93 s

110m Hurdles Edit ]Edit

decathlon edit ]Edit

  • 2000: DNF UWC
  • 2001: 9th European Championship U23 - 7469 p
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