Wilhelmus Frederikus (Willem) Winkelman (Rotterdam-delfshaven14 July 1887 – Voorburg1 July 1990) was a Dutch race Walker. He competed at the Olympic Games.


Wallace competed at the 1908 summer Olympics in London on two parts. On the 3500 m walk, he was fourth in his heat in 17.57, 6 and managed not to qualify for the final. On the 10 mile walk he had to end his series prematurely.

Willem Winkelman trained very frequent for this special branch of the athletics. He ran daily from his home town of delfshaven to his work in Rotterdam. On his 100th (!) anniversary in 1987 he told in an interview, how little the sport in his time in the society had to mean. "The results I achieved with my friend Jan Huijgen were so good that we of the Dutch Athletics Union were allowed to the Olympic Games . But before that, I had to get free from my boss. And who said: ' Olympic Games? With that baloney I keep me on. ' I could of course cancel my job, but I earned there well and where did I turn a respect come from? A few weeks later I received about the post sent to my Olympic clothing. I took that to my work and have the stuff for the eyes of my boss, one by one, on my stand without unpacking. When he that shirt with NAU (Dutch Athletics Union) saw it, he gave won, "well then gáát but, Wallace" he said. I hear him say. " [1]

About its performance in London he said afterwards: "against the Englishmen we couldn't on the games were an international learning experience. for us, a very good school." [2]

William Wallace died on 1 July 1990 at the age of almost 103.