William Valentine (Amsterdam20 april 1889 – Hilversumseptember 9, 1976) was a Dutchactor radio playand radio Director. He was from 1926 to 1956 working for theVARA as a Director, writer, actor and leader of the VARA-radio play core.


William Valentine visited the mulo and the handicraft school and followed a training as a building engineer. In addition, he studied in lecture at Albert Bird SR.. After his training he was official in the Hague at the PTT. Here he got the space to lectures, performances and lectures to give for associations and institutes.

He made his radio debut in the early 1920s at the Hague transmitter PCGG of Hanso schotanus à Salazar Idzerda. Later he joined the Hilversumsche Draadlooze Broadcasting by Willem Vogt, precursor of the AVRO. [1his breakthrough on the radio in the 1930s was his rendition of an old master, mulish "Ome K", written by him in the radio play The Mulder family. [2]

Valerie possessed a desire to workers to get acquainted with art. To this end, he edited for the radio pieces by playwrights as Vondel and Hagen. After his retirement, Valentine repeatedly for the radio, but also in the country.


Some radio plays are directed by William Valentine:

  • In without knocking
  • Fire in the "Young Jan"
  • Candida
  • And then came Dr. Frost
  • Harry and Penny on Earth
  • A hot summer night
  • The Mulder family
  • A woman of no significance