Women is a 1978 novel written by Charles Bukowski, starring his semi-autobiographical character Henry Chinaski. In contrast to FactotumPost Office and Ham on Rye,Women is centered on Chinaski's later life, as a celebrated poet and writer, not as a dead-end lowlife. It does, however, feature the same constant carousel of women with whom Chinaski only finds temporary fulfillment.

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Plot[edit] Edit

Women focuses on the many dissatisfactions Chinaski faced with each new woman he encountered. One of the women featured in the book is a character named Lydia Vance; she is based on Bukowski's one-time girlfriend, the sculptress and sometime poet Linda King. Another central female character in the book is named "Tanya" who is described as a 'tiny girl-child' and Chinaski's pen-pal. They have a weekend tryst. The real-life counterpart to this character wrote a self-published chapbook about the affair entitled "Blowing My Hero" under the pseudonym Amber O'Neil.[1] The washed-up folksinger "Dinky Summers" is based on Bob Lind.[2]

In the book, Chinaski's nickname is Hank, which was one of Bukowski's nicknames.

Cover art[edit] Edit

Bukowski himself drew the picture of the girl on the cover of the book.

Publication[edit] Edit

The book was simultaneously published in Australia by Wild and Woolley, who bought a chunk of the first Black Sparrow Press print run.

Influences[edit] Edit

When asked his favorite author, Chinaski responds, "Fante." John Fante was a major influence on Bukowski.[3] In 1980, he wrote the introduction for the reprint of Fante's 1939 novel Ask the Dust.