Yann Cunha (Brasilia22 January 1991) is a Brazilian race car driver.


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Cunha began his motorsport career in karting. In november 2010, he won, together with Luiz Cordeiro and Lu Boesel, the famous 500-mile kart race in Granja Viana, São Paulo.

Formula 3[Edit]Edit

In 2008 stepped on to the formula single seaterCunha, with which he began in the Formula 3 in the South American formula three championship. In his first season he only took part in some races, after which he switched to this Championship full time in 2009.

In 2009 as in 2008, Cunha, drove for the team Razia Sports. He finished fifth in the Championship with seven podumplaatsen, with which he was the top rookie.

Reed Cunha In 2010 again in the South American Formula 3, but he switched to the Bassan Motorsportteam. He finished second in the Championship with 7 victories, only 10 points behind Bruno Andrade.

In 2010, Cunha also participated in one race weekend at Silverstone in the British formula three championship for the team CF Racing with Manor Motorsport. He finished the first race as twentieth and the other two races at number 22.

In 2011 reed Cunha the entire season in the British formula three championship for the T-Sportteam. He got off to a disappointing season with a best result of ninth place at Snetterton, and also still got 40 points deduction because he also at the same time as the British Formula 3 in the European F3 Open reed. As a result, he finished the season as 26th and latest with-36 points. He finished ninth In the European F3 Open with one victory in Portimão and 44 points.

Formula Renault 3.5 Series[Edit]Edit

Cunha stepped In 2012 to the Formula Renault 3.5 Series, where he went riding for Pons Racing team. He got here Zoël Amberg as teammate. His best finish was an eleventh place in the second race at Spa-Francorchamps and finished without any points as 29th in the Championship.

In 2013 remains Cunha in the Formula Renault 3.5 drive, but he transferred to the new team AV Formula. He gets here Arthur Pic as tamgenoot.

Auto GP[Edit]Edit

In 2012 the two race weekends in Cunha also drove Auto GP for the team Ombra Racing, where he had as teammate Giancarlo Serenelli . Cunha rode in the race weekends in Valencia and Marrakesh, where his best result was a sixth place in the second race in Marrakech and eighteenth in the Championship ended with 8 points.

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